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Oleta Kirk Abrams
Born June 12, 1927(1927-06-12)
Bozeman, Montana, US
Died January 8, 2005(2005-01-08) (aged 77)
Oakland, California, US
Occupation Activist
Spouse Jim McClintock (1947-?), 2 children
Harry Anderson (1956-1958)
Mel Abrams (1959-2005) (her death) 2 children

Oleta Kirk Abrams (Lee) (July 12, 1927 - January 8, 2005) was one of the three founders of Bay Area Women Against Rape, the first rape crisis center in the U.S., and the first victim-witness advocate for the Alameda County district attorney's office.

She became involved after her 15 year old daughter was raped at her high school. Abrams was appalled at the treatment her daughter received both from the school and the hospital to which she was taken. Rather than merely protest, she enlisted two friends to found the center.

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