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Land, Gold and Women is a documentary about the conditions of women in rural Pakistan.[1][2] It chronicles the traditional use of ritual gang rape as a method of social control. Central to the film are the stories of Mukhtar Mai, and Dr. Shazia Khalid.[1] The documentary was first broadcast on 5 March 2006.

Mai and KhalidEdit

Mukhtar was an illiterate woman from a poor farming family.[1] A more highly placed family perceived a slight by her younger brother, who was believed to have been interested in a daughter of a more highly placed family. A tribal council ordered Mukhtar to report to the other family, to apologize for her brother. When she arrived, she was taken captive, and gang-raped, for several days.

Shazia Khalid was working as a medical doctor in an isolated region of Pakistan, when was raped, and found she could not get officials to initiate an inquiry.[1]


The documentary was awarded a gold medal at the New York Film Festival in 2007.[3]

Production detailsEdit

The principle personnel involved with the production were:[1]


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